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with Peder A. Sveen, Asli Soydan, Caluna van Erp, Celine Hobeichi, Leslaw Skrzypiec, Charlotte Wesselmann, Abhishek Wagle, Nazar Efendiev, Lica Anic, Peter Bergman, Atimanyu Vashishth, Fergus Egan, Jiangge Zhao, Carole El Danaf, Fergus Egan, Sam Shapin,Leslaw Skrzypiec, Zeynep Musta, Sally Stott, Rachelle Lok Yau, Lucia Martinez-botas, Tom Parkes, Dan Kacinskas, Bert Walker, Luisa Pires, Lou Feliu….other readers to add

music – Zeynep Musta


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with Zeynep Berra Kirbasoglu, Nazar Efendiev, Shafika Talib, Celine Hobeichi, Atimanyu Vashishth, Charon Hu, Charlotte Wesselmann, Abhishek Wagle, Aya Asaleh, Sang, Imran Hafeez, Eleanor, Will Burke, Ruby Carr, Ni Ni, Karen Tong, Qi Zhu, Leslaw Skrzypiec, Photios Demetriou, Thomas Andrew Faulkner , Zeynep Musta, Ana Virginia Reyes Cid


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with Tiansheng Xie, Sicheng Pang, Jiaqi Yang, Chengtao Yuan, Chengxi Yu, Peter Bergman, Shafika Talib, Taewoo ‘Ted’ Kim, Celine Hobeichi, Leslaw Skrzypiec, Charlotte Wesselmann, Sabrina Blakstad, Zeynep Berra Kirbasoglu , Sally Stott, Photios Demetriou, Abhishek Wagle, Ni Ni, Karen Tong, Rachelle Lok Yau, Qi Zhu, Jingxi Miao, Fergus Egan, Helen Wai Sun, Koh Noguchi, Qi Zhu

AtoA conversations in a CORRIBOARd

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*added note to edit – schoolboy howler … 2023 not 2024 read……..

with thanks to Selin-Nisa Acikel, Selin Oktem, Shafika Talib, Taewoo ‘Ted’ Kim, Celine Hobeichi, Leslaw Skrzypiec, Lou Adelaide Feliu, Chung Pan Lee, Atimanyu Vashishth, Daniel Swarovski, Sally Stott, Ni Ni, Karen Tong, Charlotte Wesselmann, , Fergus Egan, Yuting Huang, Emma Magnusson, Pelin Tamay, Hoi-Ching Lee, Yuting Huang, Photios Demetriou, Gayatri Nilesh Sinai Salkar, Lica Anic, Lea Lehaj, Antoni Malinowski, Paul Feeney

illUminated AAdvent

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with Ni Ni, Karen Tong, Charlotte Wesselmann, Natalie Jablonski Jablonski, Chomdoen Chongwattananukul, Carole El Danaf, Aya Asaleh, Yige Wang, Charon Hu, Sam Shapin,Leslaw Skrzypiec, Wesley Faure, Atimanyu Vashishth, Sebastian Wyatt, Syed Wajid Ali, Zeynep Berra Kirbasoglu, Gayatri Nilesh Sinai Salkar, Tianhao Mei

(AtoAtoA) triptych


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with Natalie Jablonski, Chomdoen Chongwattananukul, Carole El Danaf, Ni Ni, Gustave Rajalu, Sally Stott, Claire Potter, Atimanyu Vashishth, Sebastian Wyatt, Photios Demetriou, Theodore Spyropoulos, Pascal Babeau, Mariusz Stawiarski, Bert Walker, Leslaw Skrzypiec, Gregory Korcel, Arthur Stawiarski,

* cello – overheard in an underground car park in Gospel Oak

Full Size Drawings

Dear Ni Ni , we were really intrigued by your full size print of a wall in the AA . You claimed  it was concerning an architectural element , a cornice . For LAWuN  this black and white image  recalls Joseph Kosuth’s One and Three Chairs 1965 ? Does it here resonate in a more complex way .. more than Word-Image -Object ,since within  the canon of architectural  design  the scale of a drawing (map) is Important .For now ..Word-image-object-scale?If we claim an architectural plan to be a map ,  then we are reminded of Jorge Luis Borges’s  one paragraph short story  ‘On Exactitude in Science’, where he imagines a country  where its maps have to be full size , at the same scale as the land  itself , a scale of a mile to a mile. 
However the drawing on a computer screen has no scale , it is a fluid  continuously resized  map  In this case the real  kitchen wall is compressed inside the camera then decompressed in the printer ,  to be reborn full size..Imagine  if this picture of the kitchen wall at the size of the wall  was placed back on the wall ,then it would serve no use , but  imagine  it means we can metaphorically repurpose the wall in another location , by relocating  this image to another wall elsewhere.To be continued ..?AALAWuiN . November 2023

AtoA TuNNELs,stairs and line

with Ni Ni, Zeynep Berra Kirbasoglu, Lica Anic, Nazar Efendiev, Sally Stott, Maria Daher, Patricia Atkins, Yichen Yang (Ethan), Gustave Rajalu, Fergus Egan, Charlotte Wesselmann, Claire Potter