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with thanks to Lei Pou Wai, Sabrina Blakstad, Dariya Cheremisina, Sally Stott, Lei Zheng, Ruby Amelia Neal, Maya Kutat, Cheryl Wan Xuan Cheah, Julian Wasilewski, Thom Parkes, Leszek Skrzypiec, Ben Ibbotson, Photios Demetriou


07-10-22 1.15pm and 130pm Front members’ Room

Erik Satie’s …Furniture Music , a furnishing divertisement ,

Regularly interupted with speech to a busy front members’ room .

2 renditions of musique d’ameubleme…

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with thanks to Dariya Cheremisina, Sally Stott, Luisa Pires, Cheryl Cheah, Hiroe Shigemitsu, Michela Falcone, Theodore Spyropoulos, Keiko Yoshida, Grahame Shane, Photios Demetriou, Pati de Souza, Alice Baseian


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with thanks to Damnoen Techamai, Alice Baseian, Sally Stott,

Lei Pou Wai, Pelin Tamay, Sara Layoun, Luisa Pires, Henry Cleaver, Angel Lara-Moreira

Coined furniture music, Satie conceptualized a concert experience where an audience intentionally ignored the performers. The “music as wallpaper” was purposely not listened to while the ensemble sat scattered amongst the patrons.

In 1902, Satie and his ensemble premiered furniture music in a Paris art gallery, where he begged his audience beforehand to ignore the performance to come. Despite his efforts, the audience politely hushed as the performance began, for they were thrilled to see performers play amongst the crowd.

The concepts of ambient music, sound installation works, and even muzak and lobby music all have their roots in Satie’s sonic wallpaper. We’ve seen furniture music go from an experimental performance practice to an unavoidable phenomenon whether we acknowledge it or not.

AALAWuNweekly 16.08.2022

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with thanks to Hiroe Shin Shigemitsu, Aomi Céleste Bontjes van Beek, Valentin Bontjes van Beek, Alice Baseian, Ben Ibbotson, Maite Garcia-Lascurain, Luisa Pires, Owen Griffiths, Luca Lavarone, Kaori Kuroda, Marco Lavarone, Photios Demetriou, Angel Lara-Moreira, Henry Cleaver,

*soundtrack Ben Ibbotson